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Graphic Designer

As part of the creative industries, graphic design is fast becoming one of the largest in the western world. Graphic Designers create visual solutions that gain attention, make a memorable visual impression and communicate a message. The creative process most often involves a client and designer working towards conveying a specific message to a targeted audience. Graphic design is about solving problems using design to communicate the solution. With more than one option available, choosing the right solution is the key to successful design communication.

Designer at computer

Becoming a Graphic Designer can lead to a variety of other career paths within the creative industries. Graphic Designers often progress to positions such as Art Directors, Creative Directors or Design Directors.

Listed below are a number of other fields that Graphic Designers may specialise in:

  • advertising
  • illustration
  • magazine and book design
  • corporate identity design
  • exhibition and set design
  • computer graphics
  • film and television
  • Graphic Designers may work freelance or as a member of a design team in a design studio or advertising agency.